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wood flooring

Unlike other surfaces, a wood floor is a warm, living thing, each one as unique as the tree it came from. It has a character all its own — expressed in the fingerprint of the grain, its particular luster, its texture, its age, and patina… in its very imperfections. Through dedication and painstaking attention to detail, our team of artisans and stylists have created a collection that truly does justice to the original surfaces that so captivates us.

Some of the world’s finest French oak comes from the Alsace region of France. Considered one of the most valuable species of oak, this wood is also used to make wine barrels. The distinctive earthy hues of French oak are created naturally, through thermal pressure treatment. The coloring of our dark or grey hardwood is not a result of the shallow application of stains, but a far deeper process. Our French oak undergoes a pH-modified water bath that triggers a natural reaction with the iron tannin in the wood, just like that found in real bogs. This process prevents our dark wood from fading, even when permanently exposed to UV light. This exceptional French oak carries the following label within our hardwood collection.