WALK UPON THE RECLAIMED FLOORS OF A 19TH CENTURY PAYSAN OR FRENCH NOBLEMAN, A PATINA WORN SMOOTH BY HUNDREDS OF YEARS OF WEAR. OUR STONE COLLECTION FEATURES ANTIQUE AND NEWLY QUARRIED FRENCH LIMESTONE. Its lustre and hardness, the variations in hue and texture, even the tiny embedded fossilized creatures that lived millions of years ago, reflect French limestone’s origin and composition. Its unique characteristics are what make it such a highly prized and beautiful, yet practical surface. Capable of building the finest 16th century Château to gracing the historic cobblestone streets of Paris, French limestone is as diverse in color-range as it is renowned building projects. With over 64 quarries throughout France, popular colors range from soft creams to beige tones, from earthy to greys and rich blacks. Discover the unrivalled artistic element, timeless elegance, and high-density substance of French limestone.