About Us
Our products include custom range hoods, fireplaces, kitchen sets, retail displays, high-end countertop surfaces, as well as a variety of exclusive products for the building industry. Our talented and diverse workforce is committed to leaving no stone unturned to provide high-end luxury products to meet or exceed our client's expectations and needs in a high demand, fast paced market.

"Above all else, the rule is authenticity. Authenticity of materials and of design. This rule is essential to our way of seeing things and allows us to assign each material a unique role- one that respects its original nature and identity. This tenet applies to everything we touch. From our French oak, our limestone, the refined period reproduction of our mantels, to the subtle design of our pewter range hood. Since our beginning over two decades ago, the name Francois & Co. has been synonymous with meticulous craftmanship. Every material, every sculptured element in our collection, has been carefully procured, designed and hand-crafted to elicit a reaction of delight."

Thierry François
Founder and Principal
François & Co.



Corporate Office
1990 Defoor Ave NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
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