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FRANCOIS & CO.’s mission is to make statements that inspire — beginning with the highest quality raw materials and ending with a product with exquisite visual appeal.

Our firm is characterized by its team of skilled artisans who bring heritage and history to life by painstakingly recreating and refining traditional methods and lost arts.

Many of the signature FRANCOIS & CO. products make an indelible statement, honoring the highest standards of workmanship and quality.

We have a friendly work environment where collegial support is highly appreciated and determination, high work morale and commitment to being the leaders of our industry unify the team.

We are continuously searching for talented, enthusiastic people to join our team. To be considered, please send your resume and cover letter via email to careers@francoisandco.com . If you are interested in applying for a specific position, please include the position title in the subject of your email.

Corporate Office

Francois and Co.

1990 Defoor Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
(888) 313-3237