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Founded in 1997 by Thierry François, François & Co. is committed to the principles of authenticity, ingenuity, and scrupulous attention to detail. Thierry and the François & Co. team of skilled artisans pride themselves on bringing heritage and history to life by painstakingly recreating and refining traditional methods and lost arts. Many of the signature François & Co. products make an indelible statement, honouring the highest standards of workmanship and quality while evoking the beautiful memories of Thierry’s European childhood and his love of the arts.

François & Co’s mission is to make statements that inspire — beginning with the highest quality raw materials and ending with a product with exquisite visual appeal. From Wood, to Stone, to Pewter, to Terra Cotta, every product in our carefully curated collection of stunning surfaces and architectural elements is something we have fallen in love with. Some styles are rooted in the distant past, while others are inspired by modern architecture. Discover the beauty of our French oak and limestone flooring in a variety of patterns and finishes. Let your imagination roam as you explore our architectural elements, including fireplace mantels and range hood collections.

Our offerings embody what the François & Co. lifestyle is about: authenticity, heritage, modern interpretations, and superior workmanship. As you explore this site, we hope that you will be as enchanted and inspired as we are by the love of history and innovation you discover along the way…


I have always been captivated by History and Architecture…

Whether visiting the palace of Versailles or an 18th century French cottage—throughout my travels, there has always been something so compelling about being inspired by, and somehow transported to the past. As a child, I remember walking for hours captivated by the timeworn facades built from the stone, clay, and wood surrounding me. Wandering the streets of Avignon, Paris, Rome, Venice, and Florence, I often found myself humbled by looking up above my head or gazing down at the centuries-old stone paths leading me through these beautiful historic cities. I wanted to learn more, trying to imagine those lives who once cut and carved these stones, forming the very foundation of the roads and structures of the villages—like the ones in front of Santa Restituta Church in my village of Calenzana, Corsica.

I questioned where the marble had originated and how the paving stones were created and laid without mortar, positioned perfectly to prevail against centuries of wear. The intricate iron-works—how long had they been here? How old were these woods and how were they seasoned and milled? The irregular shapes of the roof tiles glistening in the sun, how did the artisans create such beauty? —and the color of the glazes? How? Not one of these wonders went unchallenged. I studied with my senses—touching their imperfect grains, smelling their antiquated history, trying to unlock the secrets of the ancient techniques that had formed them and their structures so long ago. My appreciation for this skilled craftsmanship has inspired me to try to better understand so many forgotten techniques and has fueled my life-long appreciation for art, beauty and craftsmanship..

— Thierry François