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by Thierry Francois, FRANCOIS & CO. is committed to the principles of authenticity, ingenuity and scrupulous attention to detail. Thierry and the FRANÇOIS & CO. team of skilled artisans pride themselves on bringing heritage and history to life by painstakingly recreating and refining traditional methods and lost arts. Many of the signature FRANCOIS & CO. products make an indelible statement, honoring the highest standards of workmanship and quality while evoking the beautiful memories of Thierry’s European childhood and his love of the arts.

FRANCOIS & CO.’s mission is to make statements that inspire — beginning with the highest quality raw materials and ending with a product with exquisite visual appeal. From WOOD, to STONE, to PEWTER, to TERRACOTTA, every product in our carefully curated collection of stunning surfaces and architectural elements is something we have fallen in love with.

Some styles are rooted in the distant past, while others are inspired by modern architecture. Discover the beauty of our French oak and limestone flooring in a variety of patterns and finishes. Let your imagination roam as you explore our architectural elements, including fireplace mantels and range hood collections.

Our offerings embody what the FRANÇOIS & CO. lifestyle is about: authenticity, heritage, modern interpretations, and superior workmanship. As you explore this site, we hope that you will be as enchanted and inspired as we are by the romance and history you discover along the way…


I have always been captivated by ARCHITECTURE…

As a kid, I can remember walking for hours, fascinated by the stonework, roof tiles, and intricate ironwork that surrounded me. As I wandered the streets of Paris, Avignon, Rome, Venice, Florence… I was always studying and sketching the buildings above and the stone paths below that led me through these beautiful, historic cities.

Over time, I wanted to learn even more. I wanted to know just how the paving stones were created. How had they been laid without mortar? Or so perfectly positioned to withstand centuries of wear, like the ones in front of the Chapel of Santa Restitute, in my village of Calenzana, in Corsica. What were these different woods? How were they seasoned, combined? And where did that marble come from? How did the artisans achieve the irregular shapes of their roof tiles? And the colors of the glazes? How?

None of these questions went unexplored. I studied with my eyes as well as my hands. Touching, smelling, examining, reading, and dreaming of ancient techniques. This process fueled the lifelong appreciation for art, beauty and craftsmanship that became my driving force, and it continues to inform all we do at François & Co. today.

The François & Co. Collection is founded upon those early childhood memories and a desire to honor the artisans who came before us. We offer it as a celebration of the time-honored techniques that make architecture a living history.