THE EARTH COLLECTION FEATURES A PALETTE OF WARM MID-TO-DARK BROWNS, creating a connection to nature and an earthy, grounded atmosphere. These woods may feature occasional golden or smoky accents. Versatile interiors may range from timeless traditional to earthy contemporary or sustainable minimal moderne.

Earth Woods

OUR DRIFT COLLECTION FEATURES A LIGHT BEIGE TO MEDIUM BROWN WEATHERED PALETTE IMBUED WITH MUTED TONES AND RUSTIC CHARACTERISTICS featuring unique marks and nuances. These beautifully versatile wood floors are seemingly transformed by the power of the elements, like tree trunks washed upon the shore. Interior applications may range from French country style to timeless transitional or moderne farmhouse.

Drift Woods

OUR NEUTRAL WOODS ARE NATURAL, LIGHTER COLOR TONES CREATING A CALM AND SERENE FOUNDATION. COLORS RANGE FROM LIGHT AND AIRY BEIGES TO NEUTRAL BROWNS OR MUTED GREYS. The style is peaceful, soft, and natural—enlivened by abundant sunlight. Interiors may range from coastal moderne or Scandinavian moderne to contemporary minimalist or industrial-inspired. A room comes to life with large open or framed industrial windows balanced with natural wood or metal decor, casual touches of raw elements or textured surfaces.

Neutral Woods

OUR LAVA COLLECTION FEATURES DARK, OPULENT TONES RANGING FROM SMOKY GREYS TO DEEPER BLACKS. Evoking notions of power and strength, black can make an elegant or mysterious statement. Interiors may range from old-world traditional to dramatic moderne or moody contemporary to neo-gothic minimalist. Whether the intended effect is an edgy or more serious touch, black requires balance and can create a functional, sophisticated interior depth when paired with lighter colors.

Lava Woods