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Royalty was the first to enjoy the comforts of wood floors. These first wood floors were hand-scraped and sanded in place. Colonial Era(1607-1780) used wood flooring as the most economical flooring option due to the abundance of forestry, yet hardwood plank flooring historically found its footing during the Baroque Era (1625-1714). Hardwood plank flooring gained momentum as a preferred application during the Victorian Era (1840-1910) at the end of the Industrial Age bringing machinery for the finer milling of lumber allowing for broader use throughout homes in the United States and Europe.

The enduring appeal of wood plank flooring is synonymous throughout the design industry, providing a contemporary look for a modern home and a more authentic/rusticated look for traditional applications.  By far the preferred flooring type for homes, wood planks lend style, comfort, warmth, and timelessness that will last for decades.  We offer wood plank flooring in a variety of board widths, species, and color providing a perfect backdrop to your design.

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