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OUR EARTH COLLECTION FEATURES A WARM, LIVED-IN PALETTE, creating a connection to nature and the feeling of home. These tiles first started out as large boulders cut away from the hillsides, then cut down to blocks and sliced into slabs, to be refined and hand-finished or polished. From beiges and ochre to browns and occasional charcoal tones, the textured color variations create an earthy, grounded atmosphere, lending versatility and charm to a range of designed spaces.


Collection photo

OUR COASTAL COLLECTION FEATURES A LIGHTER, NEUTRAL PALETTE, evoking a beautiful, serene feeling of sand, surf and sky. Colors are more subdued, ranging from ivory and beige to muted greys. The style is decidedly less, with peaceful, soft natural tones enlivened by abundant sunlight. A room comes to life with large windows or skylights balanced with natural wood accents, casual decor or touches of beachy surroundings.