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stone flooring collections


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Rustic Timeless, classic, and durable, our limestone tiles are of the finest quality, and an excellent choice for kitchens, living areas, hallways, and patios. We offer a wide array of surfaces, from authentic, reclaimed antique stone tiles, to individually customized sandstone floors and centerpieces of especially unique designs. If you prefer genuine, reclaimed surfaces, we curate only the very finest antique floors and tiles—from French limestone to terra cotta. Each one unique, bearing the source of its origins through centuries of use. At François & Co., we have the unique ability to “custom cut” our reclaimed stone tiles, re-shaping them to order, thereby creating a uniform thickness; making them ideal for underfloor heating installations.


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Our Nature collection has been created by mixing complimentary hues, pure sienna, and neutral clays to provide a minimalist appeal with neutral calmness. When you need inspiration for a color palette, nature is a great place to turn. It leads us to a simpler mode of life with a composition of basic colors. It can also connote neutral colors, which are muted and flat, emulating natural hues that transmit purity or softness.