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Wood Flooring Collections


Wooden floor perspective and green forest with ray of light.

Earthy tone is a color scheme with multiple meanings. In the narrow sense, it refers to any color containing some brown – the color of ground, soil, or earth. Along with colors found in nature, such as brown soil, green leaves, cloudy sky, and red sun. The Earth collection’s palette creates a soothing, nature-friendly atmosphere and conveys a feeling of warmth and earthiness.

Basilica Wood Flooring

E1  |  Basilica

Avi Wood Flooring

E2  |  Avi

Pinella Wood Flooring-E3

E3  |  Pinella

Cashmere Wood Flooring

E4  |  Cashmere

Anchino Wood Flooring

E5  |  Anchino

Saint Amour Wood Flooring

E6  |  Saint Amour

Anti Wood Flooring

E7  |  Anti

Nebbi Wood Flooring

E8  |  Nebbi

Luisa Wood Flooring

E9  |  Luisa

Vince Wood Flooring

E10  |  Vince

Lisa Wood Flooring

E11  |  Lisa

Coraline E12

E12  |  Coraline

Noceilo Wood Flooring

E13  |  Noceilo

Cicci Wood Flooring

E14  |  Cicci

Midi E15

E15  |  Midi

Conde Wood Flooring

E16  |  Conde

Galeria Wood Flooring

E17  |  Galeria

LaGrasse Wood Flooring

E18  |  LaGrasse

Deauville Wood Flooring

E19  |  Deauville

La Manche Wood Flooring

E20  |  La Manche


Imagine tree trunks that have washed onto the shore of a sea, lake, or river, weathered by winds, tides or waves. Driftwood is a form of marine debris or tidewrack. It represents the letting go of roots and being organically tumbled by life. It is the purification that comes from surrendering colors, and the stripping away of layers to reveal a vulnerable, soft, neutral core. Our Drift Collection has been imbued with faded hues and bleached textures, wooden surfaces seemingly transformed by the power of the elements.

Napoleon Wood Flooring

D1  |  Napoleon

taraux Wood Flooring

D2  |  Taraux

Longere Wood Flooring

D3  |  Longere

Lencia Wood Flooring

D4  |  Lencia

Turo Wood Flooring

D5  |  Turo

Maria Wood Flooring

D6  |  Maria

Pomei Wood Flooring

D7  |  Pomei

Meribel Wood Flooring D8

D8  |  Méribel

Rome Wood Flooring

D9  |  Rome

Vienne Wood Flooring

D10  |  Vienne

Nino Wood Flooring

D11  |  Nino

Torini Wood Flooring

D12  |  Torini

Boniface Wood Flooring

D13  |  Boniface

Saint Victoire Wood Flooring D13

D14  |  Saint Victoire

Beaune Wood Flooring

D15  |  Beaune

Montbard Wood Flooring

D16  |  Montbard


wooden table and grass field at morning

When you need inspiration for a color palette, nature is a great place to turn. It leads us to a simpler mode of life with a composition of basic colors. It can also connote neutral colors, which are muted and flat, emulating natural hues that transmit purity or softness.
Our Nature collection has been created by mixing complimentary hues, pure sienna, and neutral clays to provide a minimalist appeal with neutral calmness.

Chantilly Wood Flooring

N1  |  Chantilly

Orleans Wood Flooring

N2  |  Orleans

Secco Wood Flooring

N3  |  Secco

Osina Wood Flooring

N4  |  Osina

Ginella Wood Flooring

N5  |  Ginella

Konos Wood Flooring

N6  |  Konos

Josephine Wood Flooring

N7  |  Josephine

Pinot Gris Wood Flooring

N8  |  Pinot Gris

Seppina Wood Flooring

N9  |  Seppina

Loris Wood Flooring

N10  |  Loris

Pompei Wood Flooring N11

N11  |  Pompei

Pompei Wood Flooring N11

N12  |  Aix


The molten, fluid rock that issues from a volcano or volcanic vent, black lava connotes power, mystery, strength, authority, and rebellion. The color of lava, black, is the absence of all other colors due to its complete absorption of light. Black is formal, elegant sophisticated and confident. It exudes airs of affluence and success.

Geneva Wood Flooring

L1  |  Neva

Moselle Wood Flooring

L2  |  Moselle

Romina Wood Flooring

L3  |  Romina

Nello Wood Flooring

L4  |  Nello

Lucie Wood Flooring

L5  |  Lucie

Montreuil Wood Flooring

L6  |  Montreuil

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