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Westside – 2194 Marietta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30318

A Rare Opportunity


Here is your chance to own a handcrafted François & Co. fireplace mantel, and more, at substantial savings of up to 80% off regular prices. Inventory will include contemporary and original antique fireplace mantels, range hoods, hardwood and stone flooring, bath fixtures, and one-of-a-kind items.

Outlet inventory is on a first come first serve basis. Our current Inventory list may have changed, please contact us at 855-929-1059 for current inventory requests.

All Sales from Warehouse Sale are Final.

Fireplace Mantels

antique mantels

Antique Mantels

Range Hoods

Wood Flooring

Stone Flooring

Bath & One-of-a-Kind Items

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The Atrium
2 available
$5,000.00 From $500.00

the bordeaux mantel

The Bourdeaux
$5,500.00 Now $2,000.00

bourgogne mantel

The Bourgogne
$7,700.00 Now $3,850.00

camille mantel

The Camille
2 available
$5,400.00 From $2,500.00

capri matel

The Capri
$3,500.00 Now $1,500.00

carlisle matel

The Carlisle
$4,500.00 From $2,250.00

catherine mantel

The Catherine
$4,675.00 Now $2,000.00

edwin matel

The Edwin
$6,175.00 Now $3,000.00

elysee matel

The Elysee Petite
$5,665.00 Now $2,000.00

The Florence
$3,575.00 Now $2,000.00

lauceton mantel

The Lauceton
2 available
$5,500.00 From $1,000.00

lily marie mantel

The Lily Marie
2 available
$5,700.00 From $2,800.00

The Louis
$5,335.00 Now $2,600

The Kendleston
2 available
$5,350.00 From $2,675.00

manier mantel

The Manier
$4,000.00 Now $2,000.00

massalia mantel

The Massalia
$8,250.00 Now $4,100.00

modena mantel

The Modena
$4,250.00 Now $1,000.00

mont richard mantel

The Mont Richard
6 available
$4,400.00 From $1,000.00

normandie mantel

The Normandie
2 available
$4,525.00 From $1,500.00

paris mantel

The Paris
$4,575.00 Now $4,000.00

provencale mantel

The Provençale
$6,050.00 Now $3,000.00

provence mantel

The Provence
$4,510.00 Now $1,000.00

telemonti mantel

The Telemonti
$7,600.00 Now $3,500.00

toulouse mantel

The Toulouse
$4,400.00 Now $1,000.00

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Range Hoods

The Toscany Range Hood

The Toscane

The Provence Range Hood

The Provence


The Notre Dame Range Hood

The Notre Dame

The Marie Antoinette Range Hood

The Marie Antoinette

The Caneli Range Hood

The Caneli

The Mont Blanc Range Hood

The Mont Blanc

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Wood Flooring

Riviere Sawn

Riviere Sawn

White Alps



andorra flooring


Avignone Plank flooring

Avignon Plank

Avignon Versailles

Kiev flooring


correze flooring


grasse flooring




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Stone flooring

Azul Monica


Bleu de Liniére

Cobblestone de France

Honfleur Antic



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Bath and One-of-a-Kind Items

Regent Vanity

Music Vanity A

Music Vanity B

Jazz Vanity 3

Jet Set Vanity

Jazz Vanity 2

Season Double Vanity

Bentley Vanity

Brooklyn Vanity

Call us today at 888-313-3237, or drop us a note. We are here to assist you. Want to see more? Visit Franç

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Warehouse Sale Location: 2194 Marietta Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30318


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