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    The timeless beauty of French limestone flooring

    Our French limestone elements begin their journey as massive 20,000-pound blocks, quarried from a hillside. The block is then broken up into slabs, cut into limestone pavers of tiles, and polished to a smooth surface, or lightly brushed to enhance the natural texture.

    French limestone’s luster and hardness, the variations in hue and texture, even the tiny embedded fossilized creatures that lived millions of years ago, reflect the stone’s origin and composition. Its unique characteristics are what make French limestone such a highly-prized and beautiful, yet practical surface.

    French Oak Wood Flooring

    Our French oak Collection comprises a selection of solid or engineered hardwood floors, hand-finished in France by expert craftsmen. The collection is available in a variety of elegant, traditional patterns, including the regal Parquet de Versailles and the timeless Chevron. It is offered in a range of plank woods, in different widths, colors and textures.

    Unlike other surfaces, a wood floor is a warm, living thing, each one as unique as the tree it came from. French oak flooring has a character all its own, expressed in the fingerprint of the grain, its particular luster, its texture, age and patina, in its very imperfections.

    We are proud to introduce these superb wooden surfaces, adaptable to many décor conceived to meet the highest standards of beauty, durability and function.

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