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French & European Oak

Customers often ask why French and European Oak over the American Oak? The answer is the chemistry of the woods.  French oaks the grains are tighter, the wood is denser and has a higher concentration of tannins than the American Oak.  The region of French Alsace is known for its first-class sessile oak, and it is one of the most valuable oak species.  Resulting in a more resistant floor and is less likely to stain the floor.

The Process

It is important that wood is properly dried after it is cut.  French oak dries for a period of one year in the fresh air to reduce internal tensions.   After air-drying the wood is kiln-dried with the help of heat and air to balance the moisture to 7%, which is ideal.  There are many techniques used to produce color in hardwood flooring, fuming, carbonization and reactive stains.  Each process provides a unique color from one to the next.




Wood Coloring Techniques

Some of these techniques are used to enhance the woods natural beauty and color.
Fuming: A process that achieves a darker finish by creating a unique, natural variation due to the high tannin content in the wood.
Carbonization: A warm, rich caramel brown color is developed through a heating technique that caramelizes the natural sugar content in wood.
Reactive Stains: An aged appearance is produced through the reaction of the stains found within the natural contents of the woods’ tannins, extractives, and sugars.



Flooring Patterns

Choosing the right wood flooring pattern for your home will be essential for the final look at your house. A herringbone pattern is a historically popular, timeless design that’s created by alternating hardwood boards in zig-zagging, 90-degree angles. This flooring pattern can give a large room exceptional elegance and aesthetic appeal; in fact, it has been used in castles and palaces throughout Europe for centuries, making it a highly sought-after flooring pattern for any space looking for the royal treatment. Chevron pattern is fairly similar to the herringbone pattern, but the difference is the planks meet on a center line, creating a pattern of V’s. This hardwood flooring pattern is a fantastic way to create a sophisticated, yet relaxing design. Parquet hardwood flooring patterns are especially unique in the fact that they are made up of multiple pieces of wood, sometimes multiple types. This pattern style uses geometric shapes to create an artistic mosaic and provides a custom design that is unique to your floors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to any flooring pattern.


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