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Our historical expertise, creative craftsmanship and laser-sharp eye for detail are reflected in a variety of François & Co. architectural products and applications. These include fireplace mantels, range hoods, fountains, archways, columns, sills, moldings, and intricate staircases. We invite you to select from our gallery of François & Co. signature architectural products or we can collaborate with you to bring to life your own original concept.

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French Limestone

France produces some of the most beautiful limestones in the world. These materials have been used since antiquity and today in residences of discerning clientele. Our French Limestone Collection includes a variety of fine hand-finished materials that are available in a variety of sizes.

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Capturing the inherent beauty of this coveted natural stone, our collection incorporates the highest quality materials, covering the whole spectrum of colors and textures. Our craftsmanship is superior on every level from our team of artisans with generations of experience. All of our products are impeccably handcrafted from the finest marbles and our signature Scagliola Stone ™. Every aspect of our purpose and culture is fulfilled through our unfaltering dedication to our craft and our customers.

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Discover a wide variety of architectural applications, from, hearths, mantels, and kitchen range hoods, our metal collection is definitely a one-of-a-kind.  We go to great lengths to create unique and individual products that are sure to compliment any design style. Each piece is handcrafted using one of Francois and Co. proprietary techniques, which allows us to capture the most exquisite details possible.


Our techniques, De Corbusier, Cold Cast, and Metallics provides us with unique and exquisite options that transform every handcrafted piece to a unique masterpiece.  Our De Corbusier metal product line incorporates products made from pewter, brass, zinc, and copper; each of these metals provides authentic textures and mature patina, where our Cold Cast products can be created from brass, copper, and pewter. All of these texture variations and hues makes a perfect statement.




François and Co. French limestone products include both newly-quarried limestone flooring as well as coveted antique flooring such as our Dalle de Bourgogne. In addition, we also offer custom, hand-cut mosaics, inspired by those found in ancient Greek and Roman palaces. Our French limestone products begin their journey as massive 20,000-pound blocks. The block is then broken up into slabs, cut into tiles, or cut to size to build our fireplace mantels. Lightly brushed to enhance natural texture and luster, our French limestone has variations in hue and texture. The tiny embedded fossils reflect the stone’s origin and composition. These unique characteristics are what make French limestone so beautiful.

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Our French and European oak Collection comprises a selection of solid or engineered hardwood floors, hand-finished in France, or Belgium by expert craftsmen. The collection is available in a variety of elegant, traditional patterns, including the regal Parquet de Versailles and the timeless Chevron. It is offered in a range of plank woods, in different widths, colors, and textures.


Unlike other surfaces, a wood floor is a warm, living thing, each one as unique as the tree it came from. French oak flooring has a character all its own, expressed in the fingerprint of the grain, its particular luster, its texture, age, and patina, in its very imperfections.

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Terra Cotta

Reclaimed terra cotta from French farmhouses in Provence, our antique, hand-made terra cotta tiles combine the weathered patina of history with nature’s warmth and rich color palette. These reclaimed terra cotta tiles are between 100 and 200 years old. Available in different shapes and sizes, these tiles range in hue from reds and pinks to peaches and ochre. Popular shapes include the rectangular Parefeuille, the hexagonal Tomettes, and the traditional square. Reproductions are also available.

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Francois & Co. is proud of our DeCorbusier metals, sophisticated yet timeless this signature collection of countertops intercepts the classic pewter of the 1930’s Parisian bistros. Our DeCorbusier metal surfaces are a culinary grade, lead-free and the perfect finish for any interior surfaces such as, but not limited to: Countertops, Islands, Wet Bars, and Kitchen Range Hoods. Brass, Copper, Pewter, and Zinc are natural anti-bacterial metal alloys that are easy to clean with mild soap and water (no chemicals required). Pewter, Copper, and Brass are a living finish and will develop a warm, natural patina over time, where Zinc is a cooler finish and provide a beautiful, dark blue-grey patina over time.  Each of these surfaces can be finished with either an antique, mirrored or polished look, giving unlimited design options.

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