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SCAGLIOLA by Francois & Co.

Scagliola, pronounced “sca-lee-oh-lah,” is a centuries-old technique for creating ornamental stonework that mimics fine marble and limestone. It remains highly prized for its historic value and exquisite artistry. The technique came into fashion in Italian Baroque buildings of the 17th century and continued to flourish in Europe and America through the 20th century. Some of the finest examples can be found in luxurious European residences and ornate churches.

François & Co. Scagliola is created by hand, using the meticulous techniques and materials of the original masters. The subtle nuances and aged patina of our Scagliola are the results of the application of multiple layers of pigment, made of a proprietary mixture of limestone dust and marble chips. The stone may then be hand-polished many times over a period of days, depending on the complexity of the piece.

Our Scagliola marble is made up of cured marble chips and marble dust. The honing and polishing process uses successively finer grades of stone and water, producing a dense, substantial texture. Rubbing with pigmented putty fills in pinholes and repeated polishing results in a flawless surface and brilliant shine, yielding a complex texture and richness of color that can surpass even that of natural veined marbles.