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    Unlike other surfaces, a wood floor is a warm, living thing, each one as unique as the tree it came from. It has a character all it’s own — expressed in the fingerprint of the grain, its particular luster, its texture, its age and patina… in its very imperfections. Through dedication and painstaking attention to detail, our team of artisans and stylists has created a collection that truly does justice to the original surfaces that so captivated us.

    We are proud to introduce these superb wooden surfaces that perfectly represent the FRANCOIS & CO. lifestyle.

  • Ashe - Francois & Co. Ashe
  • Drift - Francois & Co. Drift
  • Earthly - Francois & Co. Earthly
  • Heritage - Francois & Co. Heritage
  • Lava - Francois & Co. Lava
  • Rustic - Francois & Co. Rustic
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