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    English Formal

    ENGLISH FORMAL STYLE ELICITS ORNATE ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS AND FLUID GRANDEUR—high ceilings, tall windows, elaborate wall treatments lined with intricate wall paper and highly polished wood panels or trompe l’oeil. Formal Style interior décor is often distinguished by features such as glistening mirrors, luxurious fabrics, and sparkling crystal chandeliers. Color can be bright with chintz florals being especially prominent, tamed with stripes, gingham’s and plaids and accented with tassels, fringe and trim.

  • The Carlisle - Francois & Co. The Carlisle
  • The Heronden - Francois & Co. The Heronden
  • The Kelmscott - Francois & Co. The Kelmscott
  • The Kendleston - Francois & Co. The Kendleston
  • The Lauceton - Francois & Co. The Lauceton
  • The Sheldon - Francois & Co. The Sheldon
  • The Wilcox - Francois & Co. The Wilcox
  • The Womersley - Francois & Co. The Womersley
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