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The Pontigny, an 18th century Louis XIV mantel, was originally discovered in a farmhouse in the region of Bourgogne. The original was carved in limestone giving it a beautiful French country appeal. The mantel has curved paneled jambs and a serpentine molded shelf. It features a deeply carved “foliage and scrolls” cartouche at its center.
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  • HAND CARVED - Francois & Co. HAND CARVED

    All of our stonework designs can also be hand-carved to order from the finest hand-picked French limestone and Italian marble. Whether your project requires blocks cut-to-size, or hand-carved, we insist on strict pre-selection criteria for our slabs and blocks. Our mantles are also available hand-carved from the very best French limestone or Italian marble. These wonderful reproductions are mirror images of the original antiques.


    By extracting the essence of the Scagliola technique, Thierry François created an original process by which all forms of hand-crafted limestone — including marbles — have the look of natural, hand-cut stone. This extraordinary stone inlay and “cross batch” technique is one-of-a-kind.

    Learn more about Scagliola…