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This reproduction of a one-of-a-kind, highly decorative Napoleon style mantel, was originally carved circa 1800. It features ornaments borrowed from ancient Rome and Egypt, such as the spectacular female bust carved on both legs. This unique sculpture depicts a woman with a folded tunica around the waist and curly hair piled high around the face as it was typical in Ancient Rome. The bust sits upon a canted and stepped base that has a shape reminiscent of the knotted and plaited false beard worn by Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.

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Ref# MT-237
Overall Width:
55 1/8
Overall Height:
49 5/8"
Opening Width:
Opening Height:
43 1/2"
Shelf Depth:
20 1/4"
Bottom Width:
50 1/2"
Leg Width:
5 3/4"

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