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The Chevalier Mantel features an extraordinary stature and history. The 13th century original, exhibited in the Franҫois & Co. showroom in Atlanta, belonged to notable French actor Maurice Chavalier. The mantel’s heavily sculpted legs rise up to two corbels decorated with gargoyle figures and support a shelf decorated with blazons. The blazon on the right bears a lion and on the left an eagle. The central motif is carved in the shape of an “oriflamme” or medieval banner with pointed streamers.

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Ref# MT-207
Overall Width:
69 5/8"
Overall Height:
71 1/4"
Opening Width:
50 5/8"
Opening Height:
52 5/8"
Shelf Depth:
22 7/8"
Bottom Width:
63 1/4"
Leg Width:
7 1/8"

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