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If you have questions about Francois & Co products, availability or installation – please check out our FAQ section below. If you can’t find your answer here, please give us a call at 678.702.5200 or email us at

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Yes, all Francois & Co. wood flooring is French or European oak.

Avoid placing any extremely hot cookware or elements directly on the pewter surface; as blistering, discoloration and possible melting can occur. A trivet of appropriate size should be used in every instance.

Pewter is a natural anti-bacterial metal alloy that is easy to clean.  No chemicals are required and only mild soap and water should be used.  Pewter is a non-porous material, no sealing needed.

While citrus will not damage the material, it can strip the natural patina that has been allowed to form over time.  However, the patina will return naturally over time.

The De Corbusier product line has a living surface; meaning from when the countertop leaves the Francois & Co. workshop, it will begin to patina and develop a unique character based on the amount and type of use.  Francois & Co. does not use any sealants or protective coating on the surfaces in the spirit of this living surface. It can takes 6-8 weeks or longer for the metal to mature.

All Francois & Co. pewter, brass and copper countertops are 1 1/8” thick on a wood substrate backing. There is a typical dimensional tolerance of +/- 1/8”.

Mild soap and water is all that is needed for cleaning.  Windex and other typical cleaning solutions should not be used.  These are typically not needed, since the pewter is naturally an anti-bacterial material and harmful substances can simply be wiped away.

All Francois & Co. metals used for the De Corbusier line will react when standing liquid is left on the surface for an extended period of time. It is recommended that liquids should not be left but cleaned up as soon as possible. Each metal will react differently; zinc being the most sensitive. Acids and sulfur can cause pitting or staining on our surfaces, so foods with high levels of acid or sulfur, like citrus, eggs, or salad dressings, should be washed off Francois & Co. metal surfaces as soon as possible after use. The result can be the stripping of the natural patina that has been allowed to form over time.  The patina will return naturally over time.

Once the patina sets, you should not see fingerprints. Gloves should be worn during installation.

Francois & Co. metals are highly impressionable and will scratch. We recommend that you use a cutting board to preserve your knives and the countertop surface. While minor scratches and dings will occur over time; this will add to the character of your top. Minor scratches and mineral streaking can be brushed with a 0000 steel wool.




As a general rule, Francois & Co. surfaces should be allowed to mature to its new surroundings. They will scratch, reflect their use and over time, will slightly darken. It is recommended that you use the top for a period of three months before any touch up or refinishing should be considered. When you refinish, you will remove the natural patina but will clarify the surface. Using our recommended 0000 Steel wool will clean and bring the surface together. You can also use this steel wool to blend scratches (Please see instructions below).


There is no coating or lacquering of our cast metal tops, they are raw metals. Care for these varies based on the polish style:


Polished Finish:  Minor scratches and mineral streaking can be buffed out by hand with a household 3M grey pad provided or the like. The 3M pad when damp will provide a more aggressive buffing and restore your countertop to a brilliant finish. This will remove the natural patina, but the patina will return over time.


After the 3M pad is used, a finish up buffing with the 0000 steel wool will bring the whole surface together.  No electrical sanding equipment is needed or recommended.

No electrical sanding equipment is needed or recommended. Please use the Francois & Co. supplied polishing kit.

Francois & Co.’s pewter surfaces are made from culinary-grade pewter that is completely lead-free.

Pewter is a composition of mostly tin, with a small percentage of copper and antimony added for strength.