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Does Francois & Co. do mock ups?

A ¼” thick MDF mock up will be produced and shipped to the client and/or the installer to verify and approve all the dimensions, cut outs, and other details. If unsure about the dimensions, the first mock up sent will be free of charge. If a second mock up is needed, there will be a […]

How is De Corbusier made?

The process is hand casted and hand polished, please allow for +/- 1/8” variance. All De Corbusier products are entirely handmade; slight variations in texture and color are to be expected. Standard samples are representative of the finished product. The manufacturing team will get as close to the provided sample as possible.

How thick is the metal?

All counter tops are standard 1 ½” thick with a minimum thickness of 1 1/8”, made with marine grade substrate backing. *Height may vary depending on the specifics of the order.*

How do I maintain my Francois & Co. Pewter countertop?

Mild soap and water is all that is needed for cleaning.  Windex and other typical cleaning solutions should not be used.  These are typically not needed, since the pewter is naturally an anti-bacterial material and harmful substances can simply be wiped away.

Will liquids stain my Francois & Co metal surface or countertop?

All Francois & Co. metals used for the De Corbusier line will react when standing liquid is left on the surface for an extended period of time. It is recommended that liquids should not be left but cleaned up as soon as possible. Each metal will react differently; zinc being the most sensitive. Acids and […]

Will it scratch?

Francois & Co. metals are highly impressionable and will scratch. We recommend that you use a cutting board to preserve your knives and the countertop surface. While minor scratches and dings will occur over time; this will add to the character of your top. Minor scratches and mineral streaking can be brushed with a 0000 […]