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What does the maintenance for Scagliola stone products entail?

The stone is virtually maintenance free and requires no special finish to protect it, however it does need to be protected from water.  In the event of remodeling, if excessive dust has accumulated on the product, use an air compressor to remove the dust or dry cloth if minor accumulation of dust occurs.  Stone should […]

Is the Copper and Pewter real metal?

Yes, 100% pure copper or pewter powder is mixed with a binding agent. It is applied by hand into custom molds, then naturally cures and hardens.  After de-molding, the surface must be polished and buffed by hand to achieve the high polished finish, exactly like hot cast metal.

Does Francois & Co. do mock ups?

A ¼” thick MDF mock up will be produced and shipped to the client and/or the installer to verify and approve all the dimensions, cut outs, and other details. If unsure about the dimensions, the first mock up sent will be free of charge. If a second mock up is needed, there will be a […]

How is De Corbusier made?

The process is hand casted and hand polished, please allow for +/- 1/8” variance. All De Corbusier products are entirely handmade; slight variations in texture and color are to be expected. Standard samples are representative of the finished product. The manufacturing team will get as close to the provided sample as possible.

How thick is the metal?

All counter tops are standard 1 ½” thick with a minimum thickness of 1 1/8”, made with marine grade substrate backing. *Height may vary depending on the specifics of the order.*